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2010 NFL Cuts: Jaguars Begin Roster Cuts

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The Jacksonville Jaguars got their roster from 80 to 75 today.

Defensive tackle D'Anthony Smith and rookie center John Estes were placed on injured reserve.

Offensive lineman Cecil Newton was placed on NFL waivers and if he clears will also be placed on injured reserve.

The Jaguars also cut DE Julius Williams, WR Roren Thomas, and DB Josh Gordy. The Jaguars also signed UDFA center from Vanderbilt Bradley Vierling.

Smith and Estes to IR were not a surprise. I knew Estes was injured, but the extent of the injury was not known. The surprising injury was to Cecil Newton, who was waived/injured with a knee injury. If he clears waivers, the plan is for the Jaguars to add him to injured reserve.

Julius Williams being released this early isn't a huge surprise either. He's been buried on the depth chart with the addition of the rookies and Aaron Kampman. He's also better suited as a 3-4 outside linebacker, so look for him to get a look on a team with that type of defense.

Bradley Vierling is more of a desperation signing for a body to play center on Thursday. He originally was signed by the Pittsburgh Steelersas an undrafted free agent. Vierling was signed by the Steelers, but the Jaguars originally offered him a try-out during mini-camp, so interest was already there. Vierling said he decided on the Steelers because of the actual contract. "It was a pretty easy decision actually," Vierling said. "Obviously you have to go with where the contract is at because of insurance issues."

Vierling started his final 25 games at Vanderbilt in the SEC at center, has experience at guard, and was a team co-captain. It's doubtful Vierling makes the final roster, but he will be a practice squad candidate.

The interesting spin in this, is that it's very likely the Jaguars keep both Vince Manuwai and Justin Smiley on the roster, with two hopeful young interior lineman going to the IR.