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Offensive roller coaster ride dominates the Jacksonville Jaguars scrimmage

While the Jaguars offense technically "won" tonight's scrimmage, it's clear that the defense is easily the superior of the two units as of right now. The scrimmage was opened up with a 40 yard bomb from David Garrard to Mike Thomas, which led to a touchdown shortly thereafter.

However, after that the offense came apart at the hinges for awhile. First, David Garrard was sacked by Walter Curry on a play that had plenty of blame to go around. Then Garrard was intercepted for a touchdown by Sean Considine. Things didn't get much better when Luke McCown stepped in, as he was promptly sacked, fumbled, and Considine returned the fumble for a touchdown as well.

Things did pick up once the offense went into two minute drills. Both McCown and Garrard seemed more in sync and on point and led the offense to a few touchdown drives.

Overall, this was simply a continuation of training camp and the David Garrard saga as a whole. Just as he threw a gorgeous ball to Mike Thomas to open up the scrimmage, it was face palm worthy that he didn't see Considine just a few plays later. Luke McCown wasn't immune to this either and threw a terrible ball that should've been picked by Reggie Nelson.

The interior of the offensive line is still clearly an issue. There was consistent penetration from up the gut. Considering players like Tyson Alualu and D'Anthony Smith weren't playing, it makes the O-line's play that much more concerning.

On the bright side, Aaron Kampman played a good deal of the scrimmage and played extremely well. He made Eugene Monroe look silly on one play of note. It is going to be interesting to see how much Kampman plays during the preseason. Although he's generally just been doing one practice a day, he has been going 110% when he is on the field.

Deji Karim continued to show why many are speaking so highly of him during camp. He had several nice gains and showed an excellent burst.

Another play worth noting was UDFA QB Trevor Harris connecting with Kaasim Osgood for a 30 yard pass during the 2nd half of the scrimmage. Both of these players were having underwhelming camps so it was nice to see them have their moment in the sun.

As far as cosmetic changes to the stadium, there was a cannon added to the stadium for when the team scored. Honestly, I really hope the team throws it in the dumpster tonight and we all just forget it was ever there. Also, it seems now that new TVs have been installed around the concourses for your viewing pleasure.

Finally, a note on the "attendance" policy for the scrimmage tonight. Over 12,000 fans came out tonight, which was just about 2,000 less than last year. Considering the Sharks had about 12,000 in attendance for their playoff game, along with 7-8,000 people at the Suns game, and it's easy to see where those 2,000 people might've gone.

In short, the "Season Ticket Holder Only" policy did nothing to dramatically hurt the scrimmage's feel. Instead, it did it's job and came across as a genuine privilege of being a season ticket holder.