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Derrick Harvey: The Best Player on the Jaguars Defense

Quote me.

In May, I wrote that Derrick Harvey was primed for a breakout year and that he was victimized by the play of those around him. 3 months later, I feel more optimistic than ever. It's hard not to be when I hear things like this:

"Night and day. He’s a different player. I’m seeing technique in him I hadn’t seen previously. That’s for sure because he was not a technique guy. I’m seeing quickness in him. I’m seeing a spark in him. At times, he has looked like the dominant player you would expect from the eighth pick of the draft."

- Vic Ketchman (Thanks to Carly for transcribing the quote)

Perhaps the reason I'm so excited about Harvey is the fact that I thought he was one of, if not the best player on the defense in 2009. The breakout season I wrote about in May was based on the thought that improving the defensive line around him and taking double teams away from him would free him up. 

Now add in the growth that is being witnessed by fans and media alike, and yes I'm ready to crown him. About a year ago BCC's founder, Chris, argued that Brian Williams could be the most underappreciated Jaguar ever. He was released about a month later. Regardless of the fact that the stats haven't come yet and that it's early, I'm calling Derrick Harvey the best defensive player the Jaguars have. You can quote me on it.