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Jaguars: The Case against Greg Jones

Come Saturday, the Jacksonville Jaguars have a big decision to make.

Are they going to keep fullback Greg Jones?

Here, I make the case to cut ties with Greg Jones.

Greg Jones has been a stable of the Jaguars rushing attack for quite a while. Jones however, is making $3 million in 2010 to play a position that's being phased out of today's NFL. While Jones is a vital asset in the running game, the Jaguars are clearly making the shift to be passing and rushing the football out of a single back set.

The emergence of players like Zach Miller, who can play the role of H-back and flex tight end, players who play the traditional fullback role like Jones are becoming ancient in the NFL.

Not only do players like Zach Miller make someone like Jones expendable, but younger players such as Montell Owens and Brock Bolen, who have shown an ability to make plays with the ball in their hand are enticing. Both are younger, have less of an injury history than Jones, and also are much, much cheaper.

Brock Bolen, while eligible for the practice squad, put on a show Saturday night in Tampa Bay. He showed versatility rushing with the football and catching it out of the backfield. He also showed an ability to pick up blocks in the passing game, which is vital for a back on passing downs.

Jones has been an excellent fullback for the Jaguars, but unfortunately for Jones his position is going by the wayside. Jones could have been valuable as a LeRon McClain type back, but he has suffered too many injuries to his knees limiting his "wiggle" with the football. Simply put, $3 million is too much to play for a one-dimensional player in an evolving offense.