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Jacksonville Jaguars: Tyson Alualu will need to shoulder the load Sunday

PS: BCC Radio returns tonight at 8:30 pm EST to break down the Broncos game.

With all of the talk centered around Jaguars Broncos QB Tim Tebow, there has been relatively little about the Jaguars first round pick. Tyson Alualu has been relatively anonymous since signing his rookie deal and getting into camp. After getting a sack on his first play of the preseason, he settled into doing the dirty work of a defensive lineman. However, he'll need to make an immediate impact on Sunday if the Jaguars are going to win.

Like it or not, there is going to be a lot of attention and pressure on Alualu this season. It comes with the territory of being a Top Ten pick. Not to mention the added pressure of being called a "reach" by virtually every draft "expert."  Not to mention every Tebowite has been himming and hawing at the fact Alualu was taken instead of their Golden Boy.

If Tyson Alualu is the kind of player Gene Smith believes he is, than that talent will have to begin showing itself Sunday.

The Broncos will be starting rookie JD Walton at center and will have another player who's never played in a regular season game at Guard. When combined with the double teams Terrance Knighton is going to command for most of the game, and it should allow Alualu to have a relatively easy path to Kyle Orton.

With Ryan Clady back at left tackle for the Broncos, Aaron Kampman will have a fight on his hands coming off the edge. The Jaguars best hope for a pass rush most likely lies in Alualu coming up the middle and bringing pressure directly into Orton's face. While Orton doesn't have a major rep for happy feet, he isn't going to sit in the pocket until right before he's about to be hit.

On 90% of plays, the average fan doesn't pay attention to what a defensive tackle is doing. It's only the moments when things either go very well or very poorly do they take notice. It's going to be those kind of plays that'll determine the perception of Alualu.

Is this too much to be asking for a rookie? Maybe. But then again he already knows how to rough up Tim Tebow