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Jacksonville Jaguar Scouting Locations Week 2

Another week of college football, another week to see where possible future Jaguars will be taking action.

Chris Steuber of is reporting the Jaguars will have a scout present at Florida/South Florida game at noon today. Not too surprising as the Gators and Bulls were two of the teams the Jags looked at last year as well. Though not confirmed, I think it's safe to say they won't be looking at Mike Pouncey as a center candidate.

In addition, the Jaguars attended practices at Wyoming and Washington. While the Jaguars interest in Washington is obvious (Jake Locker), attending a practice at Wyoming is interesting. Alfie speculated that the Jags are looking at S Chris Prosinski. Mocking the Draft currently only lists Jr CB Tashaun Gipson on their preseason watch list.

The other players on MTD's to watch list are

Dontavia Bogan | 6'1, 188 pounds | WR | South Florida
Craig Marshall | 6'4, 265 pounds | DE | South Florida

Mason Foster | 6'2, 240 pounds | OLB | Washington
Cody Habben | 6'6, 295 pounds | OT | Washington
Jermaine Kearse | 6'2, 198 pounds | WR | Washington *
Jake Locker | 6'3, 226 pounds | QB | Washington
Chris Polk | 5'11, 210 pounds | RB | Washington **
Alameda Ta'amu | 6'3, 348 pounds | DT | Washington *
Nate Williams | 6'0, 218 pounds | SS | Washington