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Jacksonville Jaguars Quick Bytes: The media was there for one player edition

Opposing Viewpoint: Tim Tebow sideshow a waste |
Simply put, Tebowpalooza was a massive waste of everyone's time.

Frenette: Kampman inspires Jaguars' defense against Broncos - The Denver Post
Gene Frenette says that Aaron Kampman helped inspire the entire defense.

Jaguars Defeat Broncos – Game Impressions | Black and Teal | A Jacksonville Jaguars Blog
Black and Teal gives their initial impressions of the Jaguars win

Paige: Broncos pass up the best play call - The Denver Post
Our old friend Woody Paige says the Broncos should've gone to Tebow instead of throwing in on 4th and 3

Peter Kerasotis: Tebow's NFL debut was uneventful | | FLORIDA TODAY
Basically, who cares about the football game, we came to see Tebow

The Texans finally have their man, the luckless Lions, more Snaps - Don Banks -
I was just about to give Don Banks some credit with the Jags, but then he couldn't even get the final score right

Some Food For Thought - Jaguars 24 - Broncos 17 - Mile High Report
Mile High Report gives their post game thoughts

Wrap-up: Jaguars 24, Broncos 17 - AFC South Blog - ESPN
What it means: The Jaguars move to 1-0 and create some early season buzz in Jacksonville by dispatching Denver. It’s a big result for a home fav