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He's good. Kassim Osgood.

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Kassim Osgood is known as one of, if not the, best special teams players in the entire NFL. He's show that already, but he's also shown he might be more than that with the injury to wide receiver Jarett Dillard.


In the pre-season most of us saw the value in Kassim Osgood on special teams. He even showed it on Sunday against the Broncos on one of Adam Podlesh's punts. Osgood sprinted down the field and waited on the 1-yard line for the punt to bounce in front of him, swatted out of the endzone and the punt was downed inside the 5-yard line. If you get a chance next home game, key in on number 81 on special teams. He's fun to watch.

Money earned.

Not only did Osgood show his value there, but he also showed it on kick returns, punt returns, and running plays. Osgood is seemingly the Jacksonville Jaguars new "token blocking wide receiver," and he's good at it. This used to be the job of one Reggie Williams, but once Osgood is in the game it's usually a tell the Jaguars are running the football.

That is, until he catches the game winning touchdown.

Osgood was lined up out wide to David Garrard's right, and I thought to myself "alright, they're running right." To most everyone's surprise, Garrard delivered a bullet to the chest of Osgood who had put himself in dominant body position over Jacksonville native safety Brian Dawkins. Osgood hauled in the 24-yard touchdown pass with two defenders pulling him to the ground. Osgood went to his knees and held the football in the sky, to draw a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration.

Kassim earned it. We'll take that penalty.

With the Jarett Dillard hitting injured reserve last week before the game on Sunday, Osgood could become more involved in the Jaguars offense.  He's a big target who's fast, and it seems he's not scared to go over the middle of the field, even with one of the games biggest hitters on his back. In the off-season and pre-season, Osgood was tantalizing with his size and speed, but he left a lot to be desired with his consistency catching the football. That didn't show up on Sunday, when it mattered he caught the game winning touchdown.

I'm not going to tell you to rush to pick up Osgood in fantasy leagues, but it's possible he could put up similar numbers to his 2003 and 2004 seasons with the San Diego Chargers, which will help this offense out quite a bit.