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Will the Jacksonville Jaguars conquer their West Coast Woes?

Last year the Jaguars played two games on West Coast. Excuse me, they went to two slaughters and Jaguar was the main course. Outscored 61-3 in those games, fans went into catatonic states after both collapses. While the idea that the Jaguars don't play well in the Pacific Time Zone peaked last year, this isn't anything new. Taking a look at previous years, the Jaguars have never played well on the Pacific coast.

Year Score W/L Opponent
1996 17-6 L Oakland
1997 20-9 W Oakland
2001 24-15 L Seattle
2004 34-21 L San Diego
2004 13-6 W Oakland
2009 41-0 L Seattle
2009 20-3 L San Francisco

Granted, 7 games isn't the best sample size, but it shows the affect of coast to coast travel. The Jaguars are just 2-5 on the West Coast, with both wins coming thanks to the bumbling Raiders. On the other hand, when West Coast teams come to Jacksonville, the Jags hold a significant advantage

Year Score W/L Opponent
1995 47-30 L Seattle
1996 20-13 W Seattle
1999 41-3 W San Francisco
2000 28-21 L Seattle
2003 27-21 W San Diego
2005 26-14 W Seattle
2005 10-9 W San Francisco
2007 24-17 W San Diego
2007 49-11 W Oakland

The Jaguars sport a 7-2 record when a team from the Pacific Time Zone has to come to Jacksonville.In the 16 cross country games in the Jags history, the home team is 12-4.It's clear that a whirlwind weekend trip across the country doesn't lend itself to playing good football. Hopefully Del Rio and company will have figured out something to help keep the team from losing it's edge.

For the Chargers, they'll be coming off the late Monday Night game vs Kansas City. They won't be getting back into San Diego into the wee hours of Tuesday their time, so prep time for the Jags won't start in earnest until Wednesday. Between the late prep time, a disappointing loss to Kansas City, and a likely blackout, will the Chargers end up sand bagging it on Sunday?

So then, which handicap will have a greater effect? The Jags cross country trip or the Chargers latent wounds?