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Updated: Breaking Down the Jaguars Options for a Back up QB

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UPDATE: Jack Del Rio has said McCown has torn his ACL and the Jaguars are actively looking for a new backup QB

With Luke McCown rumored to have torn his MCL, it seems the Jaguars will be in the market for a back up QB. The immediate answer is to promote Brett Ratliff up from the practice squad to the 53 roster. However, if Ratliff is forced to enter the game, the Jaguars offense would immediately consist of Maurice Jones-Drew to the right/middle/left. With that in mind, I'm sure the Jaguars will have some kind of plan to get a QB they can trust to run the offense. What options do they have?


Currently, the UFL has two QBs who have plenty of NFL starting experience and I think would want to jump back into the league.

Daunte Culpepper has been a name tossed out a few times on twitter. However, I doubt it a lot. He went to the UFL for a reunion with Denny Green, and I doubt he would drop that for a back up job. He is certainly a competent player, but it is a long shot he ends up in Jacksonville.

Jeff Garcia is one option the Jaguars may look towards. Garcia is a proven commodity as a fill in QB, as evidenced by leading the Eagles to the playoffs in 2006. While his age will turn some off, as a stop gap back up, I'm sure he would do fine.

Also, I do know the UFL had a clause last year saying players couldn't jump ship until their team's season was over. I haven't read anything in that regard to this year though. If there is a clause this year, please let me know.

Via Trade

Just as the Jags acquired Luke McCown for cheap last year, they could look to do the same this year.

Collin originally suggested the Jaguars try to trade for Kellen Clemens. With Mark Sanchez looking like he's progressing from his troubled rookie season, the Jets may be willing to let Clemens go for less than they originally wanted.

As far as vested veterans go, guys like AJ Feeley and Jon Kitna are currently bench warming in St.Louis and Dallas respectively. These guys would add a veteran presence, but it is all mute unless they can come for the right price.

Free Agency

Looking around the current free agent list, there isn't much. There are a few high profile busts that might attract some attention, like J.P. Losman, but I doubt the Jaguars would go in that direction.

The Jaguars could call up Todd Bouman for another tour of duty if pressed.

Overall, if the rumors that McCown is going to wind up on IR are true, there aren't a whole lot of options to consider. I'm sure Gene already has his guy in mind. However, if Garrard goes down for any length of time, the Jaguars season will go with him.