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Jaguars coach Del Rio opens a can of worms early

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In the third quarter Jack Del Rio made the decision to yank quarterback David Garrard from the game after his fourth interception. Before the next offensive series, I was discussing the situation with Brian Fullford on Twitter, and I felt it was too early to yank him.

Bet you guys didn't expect that!

As we all know, David Garrard followed up his efficient football game against the Denver Broncos with one of the worst games in his entire career against the San Diego Chargers. His struggles started early and came often. His first interception came on a ball where Tiquan Underwood had Antoine Cason beat by a few steps, but he just didn't get enough mustard on the pass.

"Your quarterback is your trigger man. If he has a rough day, that’s usually going to lead to a rough day for your football team," Del Rio said. "We need him to be more consistent, thought he missed some easy things today," Del Rio added.

Garrard did miss some easy things out there and did some things that made even his biggest fans go "HUH?!" This go around it wasn't the offensive line not giving him time to throw, as Garrard was hit less than he was for his performance last week. He was sacked one more time than last week (2), but it's arguable that both sacks were simply coverage sacks. The Jaguars struggled to run the football, but that wasn't until they were down a few scores.

Simply put, he stunk.

He stunk so bad in the eyes of Jack Del Rio, he ripped him on the sideline and put the back up quarterback in.

"It was a terrible day at the office. If I could erase my memory I would," Garrard said after the game.

It's not a quarterback controversy yet, but Del Rio played that card a little too early in my opinion.

Luke McCown came in and posted similar numbers to David Garrard in only a quarters worth of work, but he too was nearly intercepted a few times. The only thing he was really able to do visibly different was he got to the redzone. It was against obvious prevent defense, but he was able to make it to where Garrard didn't sniff all day long. The only other noticeable difference was McCown was able to get the ball out of his hands noticeably faster.

That's where it ends, however.

I thought it was too early to play the card Del Rio did. Yes, Garrard was terrible, but this isn't a can of worms you want to open this early in the season. I don't know if Garrard just kept missing the easy things Del Rio referenced and he was tired of it or what, but it was still too early to pull him, despite the fact they were being blown out.

Everyone knows I'm not the biggest Garrard fan in the world, and I've have no qualms with him being benched for McCown as the season goes on, but this was too early for even my taste. It's the second game of the season, you don't need to start this circus now.

I expect David Garrard to start Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, as he should... but what's the hook going to be at? If Del Rio's willing to yank him this early in the season, how long is the rope?