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Eagles Kevin Kolb to start over Michael Vick against the Jaguars

According to Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid, quarterback Kevin Kolbwill get the start on Sunday in EverBank field against the Jacksonville Jaguars and not Michael Vick.


Andy Reid was asked about the decision to stick with Kevin Kolb despite two strong showings by Michael Vick and Reid responded by saying, "It's not hard at all."

Vick isn't going to not play however, according to Reid. "You saw the last game. It wasn't going to be a five- or six-play-a-game thing," Reid said. "We've incorporated him in there with more than the way we had last year. He'll still have opportunities to make plays."

Now, I understand the move. The Eagles did not trade Donovan McNabb within the division to bench Kevin Kolb after a half of play and a concussion, but Vick's made the decision difficult. Through two games, Vick has completed 63.8% of his passes, thrown for 459 yards, 3 touchdowns, zero interceptions and rushed for another 140 yards. Though, he has been sacked 9 times and fumbled twice.

Andy Reid could be playing the ultimate game of bait and switch, as prepping for Kevin Kolb is a word of difference between prepping for the Michael Vick experience.