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Just kidding, Michael Vick will start for the Eagles against the Jaguars.

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In somewhat of a surprise move today, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid has decided to demote Kevin Kolb and promote Michael Vick to starter.

In a conference call with the media, Andy Reid said the decision had nothing to do with Kevin Kolb or his concussion, his future is "not slighted one bit." Reid still thinks he can be a championship caliber quarterback.

Reid said Vick is one of the hottest quarterback in the NFL and he deserves to play. Reid says that this will help Kevin Kolb's maturation process and he will get to continue to learn. Reid said the team has seen the great play from Vick over the past two weeks and that has factored into the decision, and it was noted both receivers Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson both gave the balls they caught for touchdowns to Vick.

As of sometime today, the Jaguars needed to sell 1,011 tickets to lift the blackout. With the announcement of Vick as the starter, I have no doubt they will easily sell those tickets and then some. Unlike in week 1 with Tim "2 yards" Tebow, Michael Vick actually sells tickets. They would have met this number regardless, as they sold close to 600 between yesterday and today, but this will definitely boost sales.