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Who are the 2010 Eagles? Who Knows?

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After talking with Jason, the manager of the Eagles' SBNation blog, Bleeding Green Nation, on BCC radio, the number one thing I took away was that he has very little idea of what to expect from his Eagles. After the announcement of Vick as starter, the Eagles are kind of an enigma team with a lack of identity. What team should the Jaguars expect when they take the field on Sunday? I don't think anyone knows.

For those of you who missed the interview on BigCatCountry radio, here's a link for yesterday's show. 

One consistency over the last two games for the Eagles has been the good play of Michael Vick. Two games into the season he has a 105.5 QB rating without any interceptions or fumbles. This hasn't always been the case as Vick threw 3 interceptions and fumbled twice in the preseason.

"[Vick] was turnover prone in the preseason against Jacksonville and then even more so the next week against Cincinnati, he turned the ball over a couple more times... Fast forward to the regular season and against Green Bay he was getting hit, against Detroit he was hit even more and he never gave the ball up. So you wonder what’s the real Michael Vick?" - JasonB from BGN

One and a half games into the regular season, he's turnover free and handed the keys to the team in 2010. It's not realistic to expect that Michael Vick, the guy who threw 38 interceptions in his last 3 years at Atlanta and looked turnover prone in the preseason, is going to maintain his 105.5 rating. Eventually he'll come crashing back to earth and there's certainly a chance that the Jaguars could be the team to capitalize on that. After all, it was the Jaguars that forced two fumbles and an interception from Vick in the preseason this year.

Despite a 120 yard, 3 touchdown performance from LeSean McCoy, Jason also had difficulties praising the Philadelphia offensive line.

"It’s hard to point where exactly they’re strong. They either play well as a group or they don’t. In the first half they were struggling to get anything going, but in the second half they were blowing holes open."

More inconsistency. Which line will show up against the Jaguars? And whichever one does, will they be the same group after halftime?

Two games into the season, the defense hasn't looked very good at all. Despite forcing 4 interceptions and accumulating 5 sacks, they've given up a league-high 59 points in two games. Again Jason seems to be confused by his team

"They’re kind of a bizarre group in that they really can rush the passer....So they do make some plays but they also give up lots of yardage."

Special teams didn't provide the advantage we all thought it would against the Chargers. Do the Eagles have a good special teams unit? Yeah Jason didn't really know how to evaluate this unit either.

We’ve seen two sides of things this year from the Eagles special teams. During preseason there were some growing pains. Against the Packers they did not play particularly well, but against Detroit they played really, really well. Are we seeing improvement there or are the Lions special teams not very good?

Can you say inconsistent? After listening to what Jason had to say about the Eagles, I came away with absolutely no idea what to expect from them on Sunday.