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Storm clouds gather as the Jaguars lose 28-3 to Eagles

I'm not going to lie. Just as we discussed on BCC Postgame, there isn't a whole lot to say that is positive about this game. Josh Scobee hit a field goal that would've been good from 65, and that's about it.

After that, well, things just went entirely south for the men in teal. I'll just say this much on David Garrard. It's the same response I would give to Christine O'Donnell. Observed reality is not a myth. We know what Garrard is going to give, and it isn't up to par. As the Jaguars are actively searching for a new QB of the future, it would seem to behoove David to atleast show himself off for potential suitors, but even that isn't happening.

The bigger issue is the Jaguars secondary. I've said plenty that the Jaguars wide receivers were the single worst unit in football in 2008. At this point, it seems the Jaguars secondary is doing it's best to take the crown in 2010. Even Rashean Mathis has ended up on the wrong end of his fair share of highlights the last two weeks. How much of it is on the coaching? I'm not sure. However, considering the Jaguars have 3 castoffs making up the rest of their starting secondary, the talent isn't helping. With games against Peyton Manning, Matt Schaub, Donovan McNabb, among others, still on the schedule it isn't going to get any easier.

On the bright side, the defensive line continues to show promise. Among other things, a Terrance Knighton sighting. Knighton had 1.5 sacks on Michael Vick, and in general was the dominant DT the Jaguars wanted to see. Alualu also contributed a half a sack, while Aaron Kampman continued to get some good QB pressure. On the downside, where was Derrick Harvey?

Perhaps worst of all, this game has seemingly been a kick in the gut to the fans. In the first quarter, the Bank was rocking. Even with several thousand Eagles fans in attendance, Jaguar fans were loud and proud, and they got one of the Jaguars worst showings at home ever. This isn't what you want when a franchise is fighting for it's life.

With the Indianapolis Colts coming to town next week, it appears things aren't going to get better quickly. After making 3 QBs look like Peyton Manning, what happens when the real deal comes to town?