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Jaguars: Silver Linings and Sinking Ships

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In the throes of trying to write something last night I had to pull my emergency chute and let my mind process the game. Sure there are aspects of the travesty which could be elaborated on but I think Alfie and Jon pretty much summed up the carnage. And honestly, from reading the message boards and listening to the radio, there is nothing I can say which isn't already being said.

As much as misery loves company, surely some of you just want to move on and find something happier to dwell on. If you listened to BCC Radio last night, there was a good amount of laughter and joking between Jon and I: call it a coping mechanism.

So in an effort to balance both the good and the bad I'm going to try this new weekly column. If you do or do not like it, let me know. We aim to please here at BCC. In fact, consider me your own personal Charon the boat man, transporting you from the land of the living to the land of the dead. Need I say where you are this morning?


  • Best news of the day was the Army paratrooper, who needed his safety chute, landed safely outside EverBank. My friend, who grew up in an Army family, immediately noticed the problem. The down side of this type of entertainment (and that includes Jaxson doing his routines) is that there can be casualties. As I noted while the men were floating to earth, any act in which they describe what you're doing with the word "terminal" (terminal velocity) warrants concern.
  • In the midst of Eagle fans spelling their team name as they left EverBank (yes, there is a joke there), one Jaguar fan proudly shouted "We are: Jaguars" multiple times. Those are the type of fans you want to watch a game with and hopefully that sentiment is not isolated to him.
  • Josh Scobee continues to be perfect and stood out as one of the only bright spots from a gray and gloomy day. I sit in section 232 and had a great side shot of the football's apex. The 51 yard FG cleared the top of the goal posts, proving that if needed Josh could nail one from 60+
  • Of the 10 quarterback hits on Michael Vick, 8 can be credited to Terrance Knighton (3), Tyson Alualu (3) and Aaron Kampmann (2). If you adhere to the philosophy of building from the front line back this is great news.
  • To continue the defensive praise, the team registered three sacks, bringing their yearly total to seven. In three games the team is half-way to their 2009 total. The best sack of the day was Sean Considine's hit late in the third quarter. He came off the left side and no one touched him.


  • It has to start with David Garrard. What may shock you, however, is that yesterday's 38.9 is not his worst performance with respect to quarterback rating. It actually sits in third place behind 2005's 25.5 against Houston and 2009's 35.9 at Tennessee. At least in those two games the Jaguars managed a touchdown. That alone elevates this one to his worst game ever.
  • Where will this team find another victory? With the way Kansas City is playing, going to Arrowhead looks like a tall task. Maybe the Bills but they almost beat New England. Add another road trip to Dallas while hosting the Peyton Manning Colts and the Chris Johnson Titans and it may not be until after the bye week when Cleveland comes to town.
  • Marcedes Lewis was targeted five times, with three being completed for a total of 15 yards. Mike Sims-Walker was targeted nine times, with two being completed for a total of 34 yards. Of Garrard's deep passes, two went to Walker, one to Zach Miller and two to Mike Thomas. Three were completed. If Lewis and Miller are your big number one guys make them your targets and get them the ball more. The incompletes to Walker were bad, with one being an interception.
  • Once again the big play is killing this team. The Eagles scored on pass plays of 61 and 45 yards. I also consider a 17 yard scramble by the quarterback to be just as significant.
  • Jack Del Rio set the playoffs as the bar for this team. If they lose to the Colts this Sunday it is hard to imagine a 1-3 Jaguar team making the playoffs. The 1992 San Diego Chargers managed to make the playoff after starting 0-4 but this team Jaguars team is no where near as talented. If the coaching staff can't motivate this team and mask the weaknesses Wayne Weaver and Gene Smith will be looking for a new coach.

Blame it on the system
Those that came before
Updated consciousness
Knocking on doors

Piecemeal solutions will only leave scars
Bandages for nosebleeds
In this city of artificial stars

Son Volt - Bandages and Scars

- Brian Fullford