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Who is the newest Jaguar, Keith Null?

In the moments directly after the news from Adam Schefter that the Jaguars are flying in and subsequently signing QB Keith Null, the reaction was similar to that of draft day when Gene Smith drafted Tyson Alualu. With Trent Edwards, a player that the common fan has heard of, available and backup quarterbacks seemingly an option as trade possibilities, Gene signed the relatively unknown Null.

The jokes are already rolling in with the news that Null played college football at West Texas A&M with Ryan Leaf as his quarterback coach. But all jokes aside, who and what did the Jaguars just acquire and what can we expect as fans from him?


Null, 6'4, 222 pounds, was a two year starter at West Texas A&M and put up ridiculous numbers. In his junior year he threw for 4,134 yards with 41 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. The following year he finished with 5,097 yards and 48 touchdowns with 15 interceptions. He was selected as the All-Lone Star Conference QB in both years. Granted this was against a really low level of competition Obviously this was against a fantastic level of competition (Division II) and it was enough to impress the Rams into spending a 6th round draft pick on him. 

In the 2009 preseason Null impressed the Rams coaches enough to earn a roster spot which is definitely tough for a rookie quarterback coming straight out of Division II. Ask Trevor Harris. Null had the NFL arm that was worth developing, but required time to adjust to the jump in competition and speed. Unfortunately he didn't get that time as both starting quarterback Marc Bulger and backup Kyle Boller were injured. Null got the opportunity to start behind an offensive line that gave up 44 total sacks in 2009 and throw to a crop of no name receivers.

Needless to say, he didn't do particularly well. Despite a respectable 61.3% completion ratio, he made a lot of mistakes. In 4 starts Null threw for 3 touchdowns and 9 interception, all the while being sacked 13 times.

After the addition of first overall selection, Sam Bradford, Null became expendable for the Rams and was released in final cuts. Now with the Jaguars he is receiving a second chance.

I just ask that everyone take a deep breath and calm down.