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What's the deal with Derek Cox?

What in the world is going on with Derek Cox?

What happened?

We all know Derek Cox struggled in the off-season and in the pre-season. He got beat like a drum against the Denver Broncos in Week 1 to the point in which he was benched, and deservedly so.

It was rumored Cox was dealing with a foot injury all off-season, which would make sense, but the team contends that he is not injured. He's yet to appear on the injury report this season, but a lot of media members still maintain he's dealing with a foot injury.

Well, if he has a foot injury say so. Don't give us this load about he lost his "confidence".

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think my confidence would come back by being benched and then made inactive the next week. It also wouldn't be recouped by being active and not even getting in the game the following the week.

How do you get your confidence back by not playing in the game?

The coaching staff is doing a team a disservice by not playing Derek Cox. They're cutting their nose to spite their face. Derek Cox is at worst your 3rd best cornerback and he needs to be on the field. Whatever he did to get in Jack Del Rio's doghouse needs to be undone.

Enough with this confidence junk. Put the kid on the field. You don't get your confidence back in practice. You don't get your confidence back being inactive and sitting on the bench. You get your confidence back by playing.

Play the kid. Enough with this charade.