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What does Trent Edwards mean for the Jaguars?

With the announcement that the Jaguars have added Trent Edwards, fans have been letting their opinions heard. Some suggesting that Edwards should become the starter immediately (some sarcastically, others quite seriously), that he is just another arm, and others just wanting the season to be over already and the draft to be here.

Realistically, what does Edwards offer the Jaguars now that he is on the roster?

As I said before, the main reason the Jaguars put in the claim for Edwards is because of how bad the back up QB situation is. It is an indictment on just how bad Todd Bouman is if he never sniffed the field, despite it being 28-3 and Garrard having the worst game of his life. Edwards allows the team to have a competent back up that allows the team to keep their original game plan intact.

Going forward, the dynamic this season will be just how well Garrard does. If he doesn't come out of this tailspin, expect Edwards to get a some playing time. Alfie has set the bar at the bye week before Edwards can pick up the play book, but all accounts on him make me think he could do it much sooner.

Make no mistake, Trent Edwards is certainly not the Jaguars QB of the future. Edwards probable high point is David Garrard circa 2007, and that would probably not be for long. However, he is a more than adequate band-aid to a position that was one shot away from flat lining.

Looking to the future, another the to consider is how the Jaguars approach the draft. Acquiring Edwards will not affect the organizations plans to get a QB early in 2010. However, it may affect the roster after that. If the Jaguars end up taking a QB in the top 10, the sheer economics will force the team to play that player immediately. If the Jaguars want a competent, experienced back up, resigning Edwards would be a much cheaper option than keeping David Garrard on the roster.