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Why was the Jaguars' RB Jones-Drew in the game?

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Since Sunday afternoon quarterback David Garrard has taken a lot of heat, deservedly so. Some people questioned why the focus was on Garrard and not on some of the coaches for some very questionable moves and decisions.

I simply said, "It's only Tuesday," with a smile.

Late in the game to the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles Maurice Jones-Drew was carrying the football down 28-3.

Uh, why?

Why are you running clock with your team's best player when the football game is well out of hand?

The game was lost. You weren't coming back. There was under 4-minutes in the game.

Maurice Jones-Drew should be doing what he's doing in the picture above. If you're completely out of the ball game, shut him down. If the Jaguars were to lose Jones-Drew to an injury running the ball with 3-minutes left in a game where you're down 25 points... there will be a riot.

Rashad Jennings was hyped all off-season as a legit NFL back. I think he's showed as much so far this season. He's averaging 5.2 yards per carry on only 16 totes, but he's the guy who should be carrying the football that late in the football game. Or Montell Owens, or Greg Jones, or anyone else.

This is one of the many questionable coaching decisions the last few weeks, but this one in particular stuck out as just asinine. I can't even think of a good reason to try and explain it, you just can't.