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2010 NFL Cuts: Should the Jaguars pursue Patrick Crayton?

Given the up and down nature and general disappointment that's been Troy Williamson and Tiquan Underwood, should the Jacksonville Jaguars pursue a player like Dallas Cowboy's receiver Patrick Crayton?

I've asked Dave Halprin of BloggingTheBoys.comto give us a rundown of Patrick Crayton and how likely it is he's outright released:

Patrick Crayton is a very reliable receiver. He's mainly played the 3rd receiver role for the Cowboys but has been pressed into starting duty on occasion when injuries strike. His best work has come when he's played in the slot, he has good hands so he rarely drops a ball and he knows how to run proper routes. He's a guy you can trust. He's not a speedster so he's not really a deep-threat type receiver. We've also used him as a punt returner and much like his play at receiver, he's trustworthy; he'll make correct decisions about when to return it, when to fair catch it and when to let it go. He's had some returns for TDs, but mainly he's just dependable to catch it and get a few yards on the return.

Personally, I would be shocked if the Cowboys cut him. He's a guy you can depend on and this league, injuries happen, so we would probably use him at some point during the year. Now, I do believe the Cowboys are actively seeking a trade for him so I think that's a real possibility. But cutting him and getting nothing in return would be a very stupid move by the Cowboys organization.

Generally, I agree with Dave. I don't see Crayton being outright released, but I don't think he'd cost too much in a trade.

Crayton's been productive with the Cowboys as the number three, netting 500+ receiving yards the last four seasons. He is 31 years old, so he'd be a short term solution, but it's clear the Jaguars want another guy at the position. It's also possible that Jarett Dillard may be ready to step in and take that third receiver position, as he's had a very productive pre-season coming off his broken foot.

Jack Del Rio said at his press conference last night that they are evaluating other teams rosters like they're evaluating his own, which to me sounds like there could be a trade on the horizon, coupled with personnel man Terry McDonough hinting at it on Monday night on the radio. Be it for a wide receiver, safety, or something else.. but a trade could be on the horizon.

Just some food for thought.