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Rumor: Jaguars kicking the tires on... Matt Leinart?

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According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the Jacksonville Jaguars are named among teams interested in newly released former first round pick Matt Leinart.

On Saturday, Leinart’s career hit the unscripted portion when he was cut by the Arizona Cardinals when no team was interested in trading for him. Worse, few teams are interested in him. The Seattle Seahawks and coach Pete Carroll, Leinart’s coach at USC, have a need and could be interested. Likewise, the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars are kicking the tires on Leinart.

Also according to Mike Florio of is this nugget:

If the Vikings, Titans, Jaguars, or Bengals have interest in Leinart, we're told that none of those teams as of last night made their interest known.

I personally don't think they have any interest.