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Tim Tebow is coming to town. Who cares.

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No, seriously; who cares?

Is Denver excited about Luke McCown?

I guess I should not be surprised by the fanfare and excitement for a back up player coming into this Sunday's football game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos. I guess I had too much faith in people being realistic.

It shouldn't, but it really irks me when people talk about how important Sunday's game is and bring up Tim Tebow. It irks me when reporters ask the Jaguars players about Tebow and all the fans in the stands, and I hope the players find it insulting and play with a chip because of it. Sunday's football game is very important, but Tim Tebow doesn't tip the importance scale the slightest as far as I'm concerned.

Take a hard look at the picture for this article, because if you're one of the people super excited to see Tebow on Sunday, you'll see a lot of that. Talking to the other guys on the sideline who aren't starters and aren't playing.

As I mentioned, Sunday's game is important for the Jacksonville Jaguars. It will likely be in front of a sell-out crowd, as the game has already officially been declared a non-blackout. It's important because a team wants to start out 1-0, not 0-1. A team wants to start out 1-0 when they have the schedule Jacksonville has, especially.

After week one, the Jaguars fly out to the west coast where they scored a grand total of 3 points last season in two trips, combined, to face the San Diego Chargers. After that, the Jaguars fly back home to Jacksonville to play the Philadelphia Eagles and then play host to the Indianapolis Colts. Starting out in the hole for the Jaguars could potentially de-rail the season. It's unrealistic to expect the Jaguars to come out of that four game stretch unscathed, but starting out 1-0 will ease the damage. Starting out 0-1 however, could send this football team into a tail spin.

I don't mean to sound all doom and gloom, but the reality of the situation is the Jaguars could start out with any combination of wins and losses in the first four games and I wouldn't be surprised. That's how much of a wildcard this football team is. I could see them going 3-1 (until they beat the Colts consistently, I assume them losses) and I could see them going 0-4. I tend to think it will wind up in the middle, at 2-2, so you can call me a fence sitter if you want but I'm just being honest.

The only thing I'm interested in seeing Sunday in regards to Tim Tebow, is how all these new "Broncos" fans are going to react as the game goes. If they're Bronco's fans and Orton struggles, do they turn on him and call for Tim? If Orton is successful and makes big plays, are they going to cheer and get excited even though that means a longer bench term for Tim? I'm almost tempted to opt out of the press box this Sunday and sit in my normal seats just to see this dynamic unfold, it will be like watching a car accident.

Tim Tebow has no importance on this football game. He'll likely play only a few snaps in some gimmick plays, if at all. Everyone wants to write the story about how Tebow could have saved the Jaguars in Jacksonville. Tebow wouldn't have saved anything, the only thing that will save football in Jacksonville is winning football games. That's why this first game is going to be important, to get the team on the right foot. It could take a big blow to some of the fan base with a loss, but not because the loss came from the team Tebow is on, because of the loss after all of the fan build up and support.

Plus, we already know what happens in the "what if" story of Tyson Alualu going against Tim Tebow. It's a sack fumble, we saw it in the Senior Bowl.