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Jacksonville Jaguars Game Notes

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As we hit hump day and wait for the all important official injury report, let's take a look at some interesting notes for this Sunday's match-up with the Denver Broncos, including who the announcers will be.

For the game, the Jaguarsget play-by-play man Kevin Harlan and color from Solomon Wilcots, so get ready for the "Wisdom of Solomon." Was Wilcots the guy who absolutely adored former quarterback turned Jackson High School head coach Quinn Gray?

The most points the Jaguars have ever scored on opening day is 41, put up on the San Francisco 49ers in 1999. The most receiving yards on opening day were put up in the same game by former Jaguar wide receiver Jimmy Smith.

Care to guess who's had the most rushing yards on opening day in team history? Little man, James Stewart in 1998 against Chicago with 115 yards. That surprised me a bit, as I figured Fred Taylor or Jones-Drew would have easily bested that by now, but Taylor was notoriously a slow starter.

The Jaguars have never lost by more than a touchdown on opening day, and the most points allowed was 28 to Indianapolis in 2002. To contrast, the Jaguars largest margin of victory was 38 points in 1999 against San Francisco. Without looking it up, I'd have to guess that was the Steve Young-less 49ers?

All-time opening day the Jaguars are looking to push their mark to 10-6, where David Garrard will make his 33rd consecutive start at quarterback, the longest streak by a quarterback in franchise history.

It's set to be a hot day with a chance of thunderstorms (aka, September in Florida) and the Jaguars have played in 34 games with a temperature of 81 degrees or hotter, and lead the entire NFL with a .706 winning percentage in such games.

All-time, the Jaguars are 4-3 in the regular season against the Denver Broncos, winning the last two match-ups.