Letter to the Fans

Okay, so maybe this letter is not for all Jaguar fans; however, it is for those of you who will be at the game on Sunday and happen to share a love for both Tim Tebow and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Even as early as three or so years ago, Jaguars Senior Editor Vic Ketchman has been fielding questions from fans about Tim Tebow. The questions were endless. The answers came too often. My curiosity of a young kid in college playing in pursuit of his dreams became mired by the almost god-like status appointed him by overly intense fans of the University of Florida.

It's one thing to let your emotions go, get hyped up, and support someone who did so much for you when he was in college. I get it. Noted. Point taken. However, from the bottom of my heart I'd like to ask you to consider this perspective.

The national media by a large majority either despise the Jaguars or completely dismiss them and consider them irrelevant. Alfie's post furthered that truth by citing several examples. Examples that angered me to my core.

If you are a fan of both the Jaguars and Tebow and wear a Tebow jersey on Sunday, you will in effect declare your allegiance. Blame it on the media. They did this. They will smirk when they see you and point every camera your way. Not a great claim to fame if you ask me.

Please wear teal. Wear a Jags jersey. Dress up like a Jaguar. Whatever it takes, but don't give these idiots more ammunition than they have. Tebow won't be playing but 2-3 plays, if at all. Support him in spirit. But when you step in that stadium, let it be about the Jags and your love for them. Love Tebow, too. Just do it at your home or in Denver. EverBank Stadium is for fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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