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Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans: Game Day Hub

Houston Texans (5-10) GAME #16 Jacksonville Jaguars (8-7)
Date: January, 2nd 2011 Location: Houston Texas
Time: 4:15 p.m. ET
Stadium: Reliant Stadium
Favorite: Jaguars -2.5
Radio: Click Here Over/Under: 49.5
Weather: High 59, Clear
Injury Report: Click Here
SBN Coverage: Battle Red Blog Coverage Map Click Here
Final Score:

Houston Texans - ?? :: Jacksonville Jaguars - ??

First Half Open Thread: Click Here!

Second Half Open Thread: Click Here!

Someday this war's gonna end:

We're a few short hours away from the end of the Jacksonville Jaguars regular season. Because the Indianapolis Colts play at the same time, by 6:00 EST, we'll know if the season is over, or if the Jaguars slipped through the back door and into the playoffs. Regardless of the outcome, we're about to enter into a period of great uncertainty around the Jaguars. Big questions are already coming down the pipeline, ones that will have a great effect on the francise.

Will Del Rio be retained? Will Garrard? Will there be a lockout? Will the Jaguars re-sign Mike Sims-Walker? WIll they use the francise tag on Pro Bowl Tight End Marcedes Lewis? Will there be a francise tag in the new CBA?

And lets not forget the NFL Draft, where we'll have to take a close look at the crop of quarterbacks, cornerbacks, and linebackers that this team lacks.

In this moment, we should enjoy what we see on the field. There's a pretty good chance that this is the last time we see this team in action for a long time. For many players, it's the last time we'll see them in Teal. The fact that we're even in the running, albeit with the thinnest of chances, says a lot about the direction this team is heading. Finishing with a 9-7 record while staying in contention for the division through December is nothing to frown about.

Now, on the flip side, should the Jaguars lose today and the Colts also fall, be prepared for a storm of fury around Jack Del Rio...

Feel Free to use this thread to talk about the early games.