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Jaguars denied Dirk Koetter an interview with the Rams

According to Chris Mortenson of, the Jacksonville Jaguars denied the St. Louis Rams request to interview offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter for the same position. Paul Kuharsky of points out the mixed signals the Jaguars sent by denying this request, and I'm inclined to agree it's rather odd and flies in the face of what they said just a few weeks ago in a press conference. Head coach Jack Del Rio was asked if he would allow his assistant coaches to persue other opportunities. " terms of wanting them to do what's best for themselves and their family, absolutely. They have to do that. I will always support that but we have a good staff and they believe in what we're doing and I think you'll see that our staff will remain intact," Del Rio said at his press conference.

Now, the Jaguars allowed Koetter to interview for the Denver Broncos head coaching position which is a step up. They denied Koetter the chance to interview for the Rams offensive coordinator position however, which is a lateral move. It's not surprising to see a team deny a coach a lateral move, but when the head coach goes out of his way to make a point they will allow coaches to do what's best for their family, then deny it... it's rather odd. I understand the Jaguars wish to keep it's current staff intact, and it did so by giving defensive coordinator Mel Tucker a 1-year contract to remain with the team, but don't you have to do something for Dirk Koetter now that you've denied him a chance to secure his future and best for his family?

Seems pretty crappy, to me.