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Jaguars allow Panthers to interview Mike Shula UPDATE

Tania Ganguli alerted Jaguars fans via twitter today that the Carolina Panthers have interview Jaguars quarterback coach Mike Shula for "one of their vacancies on the offensive staff," according to Darin Gantt, the Panthers beat reporter for the Rock Hill Herald. One would assume the position Shula is interviewing for is the quarterbacks coach position, the same position he now holds for the Jaguars as the Panthers have filled their offensive coordinator position. It once again raises a question why the Jaguars would block Dirk Koetter from interviewing for a lateral move, but not Mike Shula.

UPDATE: According to Paul Kuharsky, apparently Mike Shula's contract had expired, similar to Mel Tucker, which is why he's able to interview for a lateral position without permission needing to be granted. It would have been nice if the Jaguars had been transparent enough to let us know who's coaches contracts expired, instead of leading everyone to believe they were all operating on one year contracts. I wonder who else's contract expired.