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What was your best Big Game party?

It's getting close to that time of the year when even the fans who's team does not have a shot at all at the Super Bowl starts getting ready for a Super Bowl party. This post is sponsored by Coke, and I'm not just shilling for the post by saying that when we have a party I load up on the Coke Zero as my mixer of choice to drink with my bourbon. Get about three quarters bourbon and about a quarter Coke Zero, for a hint of flavor and that nice caramel coloring, you know? I prefer the Coke Zero because as a current fat guy who's trying not to be a fat guy, I have to watch my caloric intake somewhere.

Anyways, a couple of Super Bowls ago (I can't even remember which game I think Seahawks/Steelers) and we had a big party at my parents house. We often used my parents house as a host for giant cookouts because they have a big fenced in back yard, which I don't. I'm sure my neighbors would get annoyed with a lot of my friends rabble rousing. Nothing special really happened to make it significant. My brother didn't construct a bottle rocket bazooka out of PVC pipe and shoot it at everyone, this time. We didn't have someone try to walk across a bon fire and catch their shoes/pants on fire... this time. It was just a classic good ol' cookout. I made some ribs that I smoked for about 8+ hours, made some brisket, fired up some hot dogs and brats. Then I remember it being ruined because the Steelers won.

What was your best Super Bowl party?