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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Conference Title Sunday

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It's conference title Sunday, who ya got?

I don't know if I'm just buying into the Rex Ryan hype, but I like the Jets to beat the Steelers. Even though the Steelers pulled it out against the Ravens, the Ravens have shown a knack for letting teams hang around and losing football games which is exactly what they did with the Steelers. The Steelers offensive line is a train wreck, but the biggest secret in the NFL is that the Jets are not a great pass rushing football team. They get their pressure with fantastic coverage in the back end. I'd expect the Jets to put Darrell Revis on Hines Ward to force Ben Roethlisberger to pass to his quicker receivers on the sidelines and down the field, where the Jets can exploit his pourous offensive line. On the other side of the football, it all depends on which Mark Sanchez shows up. Sanchez struggled early against the Colts, but in the second half did what he needed to to win. In the game against the Patriots Sanchez was on target and made plays down the field. The Steelers are exploitable in the middle of the field, which works perfect with what Sanchez is best at.

For the other football game, despite how hot the Green Bay Packers are I like the Bears to win. While the Packers have gotten by on the arm of Aaron Rodgers, their inability to run the football is going to hurt them against the Bears. Julius Peppers has lived up to his big money free agent contract and has been a terror on the quarterbacks. Israel Idonije on the other side has also been very good and I'm not sure the Packers line will be able to hold up. I'd expect a heavy dose of Peppers on rookie Bryan Bulaga. I expect the Packers pass rush to be all over Jay Cutler, but the Packers should look for a heavy does of Matt Forte and Chester Taylor to exploit the Packers rush defense.