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Notable 2011 Senior Bowl Weigh Ins

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Every year at the 2011 Senior Bowl on Monday there are certain players who scouts absolutely want to get a height and weight on. Colleges generally "fib" on their official roster sheets about their players, but there is no hiding at the Senior Bowl. Below are some players who raised eyebrows during the weigh ins on Monday.

Noel Devine- RB - West Virginia: Measured in a 5-7, 160lbs... Twenty pounds less than his listed weight. I knew Devine would come up small, but that's TINY by NFL standards. I still think he gets a chance in the NFL as a return man, though.

DeMarcus Van Dyke- CB - Miami(FL): Measured in a 6-0 3/4, 168lbs... I noticed he was frail looking at the East West Shrine game, but I didn't think he would weigh in THAT small. That's tiny for an NFL cornerback.

Quinton Carter - S - Oklahoma: Weighed in bigger than expected at 211 pounds and built like a linebacker.

Colin Kaepernick- QB - Nevada: Kaepernick was listed coming in at 6-6, but measured in at only 6-4 1/2. It's not a big issue as 6-4 is plenty tall, but it makes you wonder about his weight even more, as he's been described by many as a "toothpick" despite being 225lbs.

Greg Jones - LB - Michigan State: The Spartan linebacker measured in at just 5-11 and 240lbs, but was listed at 6-1 at MSU. He's shorter than expected, but he's still a stout backer.

Jeremy Beal- DE/LB - Oklahoma: Beal weighed in at 268 pounds, which is much bigger than I expected. Many see him as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

Mark Herzlich- LB - Boston College: Herzlich measured in at 6-3 and 250lbs, which is heavier than I expected. Very very good size on him as a linebacker in a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme.

Ryan Kerrigan- LB/DE - Purdue: Kerrigan, who spoke with the Jaguars yesterday came in at 6-3 255lbs, which is about where I expected. He'll need to add some bulk to be an every down end or possibly transition to outside linebacker.

Greg McElroy- QB - Alabama: McElroy measured in just under 6-2 which was shocking to me. I thought for sure he was about 6-4, will be interesting to see how his height effects his throwing lanes.

Brooks Reed - DE/LB - Arizona: Reed measured in at 6-2 and 257lbs, furthering the belief he'll likely move to outside linebacker for the NFL.