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McShay impressed by TCU's Dalton

There have been whispers going around about Andy Dalton going to the Jaguars ever since his impressive game against Wisconsin this bowl season. Personally, I was impressed with his arm in that game to the point that I called him "my guy" in this coming draft. Apparently Dalton has been impressing Todd McShay as well.

This is Todd McShay's top performer for day two of the south squad:

South: TCU QB Andy Dalton
The more you watch him, the more you see him do all the little things that are so important to the quarterback position. He doesn't have the big size, strong arm or great athleticism, but he's doing a really good job. He's a sponge. He's always around the QB coaches or offensive coaches, always asking questions, always talking, always engaged. He's never standing off on his own. He's leading everything. His ball is not pretty -- it flutters sometimes -- but he's got adequate arm stregth and probably the third-strongest arm of the QBs here. He can make the deep throws and he does the other little things right, so he has a good enough arm. He missed two times, throwing high on a couple of inside routes, but he was the most accurate QB from beginning to end.