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I got a mancrush, and it's name is Colin Kaepernick

In the off-season when we all dive into the NFL Draft and put our "Scouting" hats on, we'll all tend to develop a man crush with a player or two. A lot of people have fallen in love with TCU quarterback Andy Dalton, I'm kind of "meh" to him at the moment. I don't dislike him, but I don't like him. One guy who has grown on me since I've been studying him is Nevada's Colin Kaepernick. He's currently slated to be the third quarterback for the North team in the 2011 Senior Bowl on Saturday afternoon. He was an intriguing prospect heading into Senior Bowl week and all he did was make people more interested.

I went ahead and did a little scouting profile on him. Click the jump.

Height: 6-4

Weight: 223lbs

PROS:Strong arm that can make all the NFL throws. Very good runner who can make a lot of plays outside of the pocket. Throws well on the run. Insane production in college, even for the offense he ran. Ability as a passer got better and better each season. Doesn't turn the football over often. Leader on and off the field, his team rallies around him. Much faster than he looks and can make defenders miss when on the run. All-state athlete in football, baseball, and basketball player in high school.

CONS: Will really need to focus working on his footwork and setting his feet. Has a funky long wind up, but an over the top release. Wind up will get all the attention but his footwork is a bigger issue. Can be too quick to pull the football down and take off running, missing open receivers. Played in the Pistol offense and has never played under center.





Totals   740 1271 58.2 10098 7.9 82-24   600 4112 6.9 75 59
2007 Nevada   133 247 53.8 2175 8.8 19-3   105 593 5.6 55 6
2008 Nevada   208 383 54.3 2849 7.4 22-7   161 1130 7.0 66 17
2009 Nevada   166 282 58.9 2052 7.3 20-6   161 1183 7.3 75 16
2010 Nevada   233 359 64.9 3022 8.4 21-8   173 1206 7.0 59 20

Currently, Kaepernick is slated by most as a second or third round draft pick.