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BCC Community Mock Draft: Pick #1

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Right after the Senior Bowl seems as good a time as any to get this thing moving.

Here's the format:

The voting will be open for somewhere in the neighborhood of three days per pick. If it's obvious which player has been voted for the pick I'll close the voting and open the next one. Vote for the player YOU THINK THE TEAM WILL PICK, not who YOU would pick if you were the GM. The point of this is to have what BCC feels is an accurate representation of the picks leading up to Jacksonville's pick at 16.

You will have at least five choices to vote for per pick. If you feel someone should be in the choices that isn't there, post "Nomination for __________", and anyone who agrees with that nomination should rec that post. The player with the most nominations will take the spot of the player voted into the pick.

If there is a player on the list that you feel should not be on there yet, post "Remove ___________ from poll". If it gets a significant amount of recs and there are two nominations with significant recs, I will remove the named player and add both nominations to the next poll.

If you would like to vote for a player who isn't listed, post "Write-in vote for ___________". If the player you want to write in is already posted, please rec that post.

If we go fairly quickly, we can continue on and try to get to the Jaguars' second-round pick before the actual draft.

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them in the thread. With that all said, here we go!