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Report: Jack Del Rio meeting with Wayne Weaver right now, Press Conference postponed. *UPDATING*

The 2:00 P.M. press conference that Jacksonville Jaguarshead coach Jack Del Rio was supposed to host here in a few minutes has been postponed, according to Brent Martineau of CBS 47 in Jacksonville. Jack Del Rio is currently meeting with Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver right now. No indication if he will or won't be fired, but it is rather eyebrow raising that his press conference is suddenly postponed and Del Rio is now meeting with owner Wayne Weaver.

UPDATE: The press conference has been postponed indefinitely.

UPDATE 2:05 PM: Brett Martineau seems to think Jack Del Rio will be fired.

UPDATE 3:08 PM: Mark Long of the AP tweets that, "Weaver asked JDR to put together list of where things went wrong and his plan for fixing them. That's going on in meeting now. Weaver doesn't think the problem is personnel driven. If Weaver likes what he hears, he could keep JDR. Weaver doesn't want to fire anyone."

UPDATE 3:48 PM: Chris Mortensen of ESPN tweets, "All looks solid for Del Rio."