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Jaguars Representin' in the Pro Bowl

Now don't get me wrong here, I will be the first to tell you that the Pro Bowl is a joke. It's a fan popularity contest and a meaningless game in which players go at about half intensity just to go to Hawaii and get the honor of being named to the Pro Bowl on their resume. Still, I gotta love it when our guys make plays.

And in the second half, both of the Jaguars' Pro Bowlers made big plays. First, after the NFC attempted some trickeration on a kickoff,  Montell Owens scooped up a Devin Hester fumble and scored a touchdown on special teams. He was the first man down the field and just happened to be in position to get an easy score. A few drives later, Marcedes Lewis made an athletic play, coming back for a 28-yard touchdown catch from Phillip Rivers. Montell Owens made it 3 consecutive scores by Jaguars in garbage time by catching a TD pass from Matt Cassel.

The Pro Bowl isn't really any indication of who's gonna make plays in the real game. I mean, teams aren't even allowed to blitz. Still, having Jaguars players score 21 consecutive points for the AFC will, as the marketing people say, "grow the brand."