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Who'd SBNation pick for the Jaguars in it's weekly 2011 NFL Mock Draft?

Heading up to the 2011 NFL Draft , has been doing a mock draft just about once a week. It flucuates a bit, but after the 2011 Senior Bowl it changed quite a bit. There are some interesting changes, especially for the Jacksonville Jaguars selection. I have a feeling quite a few of you will cringe at the selection while I'd be okay with it.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jake Locker, QB, Washington. It was an up-and-down week for Locker at Mobile, as the Washington signal-caller got mixed reviews, to say the least. He's still in play for Jacksonville, who might consider him if all of the draft's best senior defensive linemen are off the board.

Just a note, Ryan Kerrigan went 13th overall. Kerrigan is who I've seen mocked the most to the Jaguars and he's a player I'm not really a fan of. Given how their mock went, if I wasn't going to pick Jake Locker I'd have probably taken UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers.