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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Injuries doom the Saints and Colts in the playoffs

Earlier in the day I picked the Seahawks and the Colts to win on Twitter, and got one of the correct. I noted that the Saints were down to Reggie Bush and Julius Jones as their main running backs with Chris Ivory and Pierre Thomas being placed on injured reserve before the game. The Saints rushing attack was stagnant and made their offense one dimensional, which allowed the Seahawks to play one way on defense against them. It ultimately doomed the Saints, as they couldn't get tough short yardage when they needed it.

As far as the Colts, all of their offensive injuries finally caught up to them. We saw it in the middle of the season when Peyton Manning had his terrible stretch of games, but all of the losses on the offensive line and to skill positions limited the Colts on offense. Manning was stuck with sticking to the shorter routes, because the middle of the field that Dallas Clark and Austin Collie routinely ate up to free the likes of Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon were gone. That played right into the Jets hands, and the Jets were able to grind out the win.

For the games today, I like the Chiefs. I believe in the Chiefs, especially at home. You can score on this Ravens defense, and the Chiefs defense is really underrated. I expect Tamba Hali to give Joe Flacco fits. For the Eagles and Packers game, I like the Packers. Michael Vick is banged up, despite what he says, and Clay Matthews is going to eat up that offensive line.

Enjoy the games today and remember... ENJOY WITH ABSOLUT RESPONSIBILITY®