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Jaguars Punter Matt Turk Should Be Released, Now.

I'm not normally one to just straight up rip a player for their performance, but when they do something disrespectful to the home team crowd during a game in reaction to the crowd booing their terrible performance, they deserve to get eviscerated. If Matt Turk isn't released by the end of today, the Jacksonville Jaguars are a joke.

Quite frankly, he should have been released immediately following his shanked punt that set up the Bengals for the game winning drive. A few punts prior, Matt Turk hit another terrible punt, as he's want to do the past oh.. entire season. The crowd responded with boos, which is what happens when you've played like hot garbage for weeks, and then Matt Turk responded with goading the crowd to boo louder.

Are you kidding me Turk? You're a clown. You're lucky to have a job. You should been cut three weeks ago. You don't goad the home team crowd when you're performing like a pile of hot garbage. Two drives later, Turk proceeds to shank a 22-yard punt that set the Bengals up with the game winning touchdown drive. What, you didn't want to taunt the crowd more after you hit ANOTHER terrible punt? You just stood there, like a dejected clown.

Not only that, but you didn't even have the courage to face the media after the game. You high tailed it out of the locker room like a coward and left it to your teammates to try and defend your terrible season. Kicker Josh Scobee was asked about Turk, since Turk ducked out as fast as possible after the game, "Today was a tough day to kick with the wind obviously. Everyone kind of struggled with punts going in that direction. It's the type of day where you had to hit the ball really well. Unfortunately, he had a couple he'd like to have back. His season as a whole, right now, he's struggling. He's been in the league so long, he's just got to come out and hit one good punt and he'll be fine."

He'll be just fine. Sitting on his couch.