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Jaguars Roundup Bengals Edition

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Let's spin around the internet to get reactions to the game between he Jacksonville Jaguars and Cincinnati Bengals.

Gene Frenette: End of the Jack Del Rio era becomes a matter of time |
For parts of his nine seasons, Jack Del Rio has been the NFL coaching version of Houdini, relying on unrelenting support from owner Wayne Weaver or fortuitous contract circumstances to stay gainfully employed. But as the Jaguars’ maligned boss trudged off EverBank Field with possibly the most confounding, inexcusable defeat of his entire tenure, it felt like the beginning of the end.

Jaguars Notebook: Matt Turk silent after costly late punt |
Punter Matt Turk wasn't in a talking mood after the Jaguars' 30-20 loss to the Bengals on Sunday. He started dressing at his locker with his back to a reporter and then grabbed his pants and went into the training room without commenting on his short fourth-quarter punt that proved costly to the Jaguars.

Despondent Del Rio: "It’s a pretty crappy feeling right now" | ProFootballTalk
Jacksonville’s loss at home to the Bengals, their fourth straight defeat, may just define this Jaguars season. The Bengals have the type of team that can win with a rookie quarterback. The Jaguars don’t, and Jack Del Rio seems to know it.

A day of questions - Editorial on
And now, we arrive at the point in this season at which blame is the topic of the day. It became that way Sunday in the moments following yet another dismal, damp loss for the Jaguars – this one coming at EverBank Field and coming in all-too familiar fashion.

Wrap-up: Bengals 30, Jaguars 20 - AFC South Blog - ESPN
What it means: The Jaguars have lost four in a row and don’t have much reason to hope right now. Their numbers weren't terrible against Cincinnati but they didn’t make the clutch plays they needed, left themselves in a desperate situation at the end and handed away a touchdown on the game’s final lateral-fest that made the losing margin bigger than it needed to be. No matter the margin, a losing streak, a rookie quarterback and a coach under increasing fire is an ugly combination.