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Should the Jaguars make a move at wide receiver?

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I'm not a "hey let's go trade for this guy" person usually, but a follower on twitter (@tealtalk) brought up an interesting suggestion. Evan Silva of mentioned on Twitter that he'd bet Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd is available for trade.

#Rams ought to put in call about Brandon Lloyd before trade deadline. Lloyd in last year of deal, hard to imagine #Broncos committing big $. I bet Lloyd is available. Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal both expected back after #Broncos upcoming bye. Broncos 1-4, now changing QBs.

It's an interesting thought to consider for the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are obviously hurting at the wide receiver position. The kicker here is, Brandon Lloyd is a 30 year old wide receiver entering free agency in 2012. It's unlikely the Broncos are going to give him a new contract, so they may try to get something for him. The question is, what would you have to give up? In a situation like this, you'd have to give up a pick and sign Lloyd to a new contract. The Jaguars have plenty of cap room, the question is... how much? What would it take?

I'm not sure if I would, but I'd certainly entertain the offer. Lloyd was a late bloomer at wide receiver, finally breaking out last year with 77 receptions for 1,448 yards and 11 touchdowns. It would offer a legit target for rookie Blaine Gabbert and allow Mike Thomas to not have all of the coverage focused on him. Even with the Broncos offense being inept, he's still on pace for another 1,000 yard season.