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Jack Del Rio looks completely defeated at this point

If you haven't yet seen Jack Del Rio's post-game press conference after yesterday's loss, you've missed what may be the saddest press conference in this franchise's young history. Del Rio has the look and sound of a man that is now completely defeated by a four game losing streak and is frustrated to tears at this point.

Some of his most notable quotes from the press conference are:

"Just put it on my shoulder; I'm not doing enough"
"Holy cow, you have to be s****ing me. It's unbelievable."
"Like I said, I hate it, I hate losing. I'm sick of sitting here and answering questions about why we're not winning."

Whether you've wanted Del Rio fired for years, just recently hopped on the 'fire Del Rio' train or are holding on to the hope that he can lead the team to the promise land, it's a sad press conference to watch. Do I feel bad for Jack Del Rio, the head coach? No. But do I feel bad for Jack, the person? Yes.

As former BCC contributor, Brian Fullford, said on Twitter: "Jack is a really good guy. If you have a soul it hurts to see someone fail in public."