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Matt Turk's Agent Is Mad At Me, And Jaguars Head Coach Jack Del Rio

I'm sure everyone read what I wrote this morning, "Jaguars Punter Matt Turk Should Released, Now." Apparently, David Canter, Matt Turk's agent read it too and he wasn't happy about it. He took to Twitter to tell me how stupid and ill informed I was. He also took shots at Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio, as if it's Del Rio's fault his client has done a horrible job of punting.

Hey @AlfieBCC you've always seemed like a smart guy. How can you write such a stupid ill informed article about my client Matt Turk. You have ZERO idea what you're talking about by calling out a 16 year Vet who is 1 of all time best players EVER at his position. Its a senseless ridiculously stupid attack when you should be pointing your anger to a head coach who throws players under bus to cover his own ass and hasn't been able to win bc he's not got the talent nor ability. Don't rip a guy you know NOTHING about. Can't imagine you've ever been asked to punt a football & would make such asinine attacks if you had to go face to face with Matt for 16 years he's been a distance hangtime punter. Jacksonville brings him in and asks him to do something he's never done.

No David, I haven't ever been asked to punt a football. But, I do know if I was and had done it for 16 years, I probably wouldn't let the home team booing me for shanking punts bother me. It's not the first time, either. I'm told by some Houston Texans fans, who Turk spent four seasons with, he has a history of goading the crowd. I'm not sure what me going face to face with Matt Turk means either, unless he's insinuating Turk would try to fight me. He said no, but I don't quite understand what he meant. Nothing I said was asinine. It was the truth.

If Matt Turk hadn't been awful, I wouldn't have ripped him. It's pretty simple. He's ranked 30th in the NFL in net punting average and 32nd in the NFL in punting average.

Canter also went on to try and explain that Turk wasn't mocking the crowd, but "displaying his frustration," and Turk also said as much Monday afternoon. Whatever that means, I'm not sure. He also said that the team brought him in and asked him to rugby punt, but he'd never done that  before. I guess Canter didn't realize Turk wasn't asked to rugby punt until after the third game of the season. He continued to go on and on about how what I wrote was inaccurate.

Then again, Matt Turk's agent could be upset that he's getting released in the morning and will need to find his client work. He proceeded to continuously whine on Twitter about how my article was incorrect and not based on fact, despite the fact that everything in it was absolutely true.

Update: Canter continued on, despite telling me he was done with me, to insult my profession. Since, that's how you make yourself look professional and not like a hack he's accusing me of being:

Wasn't meant to defend Turk was meant to criticize a no name hack who doesn't know what he's talking about. @AlfieBCC truth is you are a talentless hack. Never called all Jags fans morons. Just 1 or 2 On the contrary I really enjoy almost all of them & love Jax.  Not crying @ all. He hasn't played well I never said he has. He can & will do better. You'll still suck @ writing. Oh also clowns make people laugh. Wrong word choice but then again you wouldn't know that bc you're a talentless hack. you'll still be a fanboy who knows NOTHING about football.  You wouldn't have the stones to rip a player if u had to face him in the locker room but you're not the real media so you don't have access Easy to rip a guy when you don't have to look him in the eye. Its why I'll never be a good blogger. Too much respect for players and coaches.

Even if I was in the press box on Sunday (I wasn't), I couldn't have even asked Turk about his punting. He ducked out of the locker room before the media was allowed in. Also, funny to see Canter say he has too much respect for players and coaches, while earlier calling out Jack Del Rio.