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Red-zone woes are principle concern offensively

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The Jaguars found themselves in the red-zone just one time in the first three games of the season. They have done better at the situation in the past two weeks, finding themselves in the red-zone five more times. However, that's still far from good as 2.5 red-zone trips a game would rank as the 26th best in the NFL.

On the rare occasions in which the Jaguars have made it into the red-zone, they've struggled to find the endzone. The 14 yard touchdown pass from Blaine Gabbert to Zach Miller against the Saints and the six yard run from Maurice Jones-Drew against the Bengals are the only two red-zone touchdowns for the season.

Two touchdowns in six red zone attempts means they're capitalizing on just one third of their few opportunities. That's tied for the league's worst percentage.

The fact is that the Jaguars offense hasn't been as horrific at moving the ball as the scoring would indicate. However, they're limiting their scoring opportunities and failing to capitalize on the few chances they've had by not reaching the red-zone and scoring touchdowns when they do.