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NFL Trade Rumors: Jaguars not interested in Brandon Lloyd?

In some "news" that's not really all that surprising, Gene Frenette of the Florida Times Union tweets that he's heard the Jacksonville Jaguars are not interested in pursuing Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd.

Lot of Jags fans won't like this, but my feedback indicates team not interested in acquiring Broncos WR Lloyd

Tania Ganguli followed up his tweet, mentioning that she had heard the same and then added:

Lloyd hasn't been especially productive outside last season and has other issues that are keeping the Jaguars away.

I don't know what the "other issues" are specifically, but I know in the past Lloyd was kind of viewed as a turd, attitude wise. I haven't gotten anything back from my sources on Lloyd other than "I don't know," but as I mentioned when this thing was initially brought up, it's doubtful the Jaguars were going to pursue him. However, I'm sure the Jaguars don't want to see Lloyd wind up somewhere like Tennessee and be productive.