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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup, Steelers Edition

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Another tough loss, another tough offensive performance. Let's see what the internet is saying.

Shuffling on offensive line hurts Jaguars |
PITTSBURGH — Cameron Bradfield sat facing his locker in the corner of the visiting locker room at Heinz Field, looking crestfallen after his first NFL start. Bradfield played well enough, especially given that he found out less two hours before the game that he would start at left tackle.

A familiar ending for Jaguars in loss to Steelers |
PITTSBURGH — For the third time this season, the Jaguars (1-5) found themselves with the ball late in the fourth quarter, in a position to win or tie the game. Last week against the Cincinnati Bengals and two weeks before that against the Carolina Panthers, a bizarre sequence of events prevented success for the Jaguars. That didn't happen Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. There was no botched snap or clock management fiasco. But again the Jaguars fell short, given that opportunity.

Jaguars Notebook: Jack Del Rio calls audible with decision to kick field goal |
PITTSBURGH — It was not a surprise when coach Jack Del Rio had the Jaguars go for it on fourth-and-3 at the Pittsburgh 44 with 5:51 left in the third quarter, trailing 17-3. Del Rio is noted for gambling, and the Jaguars converted when quarterback Blaine Gabbert scrambled for five yards for the first down. The Jaguars went on to score a touchdown that cut the deficit to 17-10.

Gene Frenette: Jaguars close, but still can’t close |
PITTSBURGH — Rashean Mathis couldn’t remember the last time he felt compelled to give a postgame speech. He was going on instinct, feeling the message about the Jaguars staying strong after a fifth consecutive loss needed to be reinforced. "Sometimes when it’s said from a player, it’s received a little different," said the nine-year cornerback.

Close not enough
They came, they saw, and after yet another slow start, they battled. For the Jaguars, while that much was true at Heinz Field Sunday, for the fifth time in as many weeks something else was, too: Close wasn’t enough to conquer. Hard-fought and valiant wasn’t either. And once again, it was real frustrating.

Slipping away
PITTSBURGH, Pa. – In another week, in another circumstance, the theme of this editorial would be different. In another week, we’d talk about optimism. In another circumstance, we’d talk about hope. In another week, we’d emphasize the fight the Jaguars showed on Sunday in a 17-13 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. In another circumstance, we’d emphasize the defense, the courage, the heart, the right things being said in the post-game locker room.

Too little, too late - Jaguars Blog
Some good, more bad. That seems to be a common theme following Jaguars games this season. There are certainly flashes of positive performance, but overall, it’s just not quite good enough. I don’t think many fans expected to be within four of the Steelers when the final whistle blew today, but I would still consider this performance disappointing, because if the Jaguars had played the first half as well as they played the second, they would have won this game.

Wrap-up: Steelers 17, Jaguars 13 - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Thoughts on the Jaguars’ 17-13 loss to the Steelers at Heinz Field: What it means: There sure is a hopeless feeling around the Jaguars, who couldn’t really do a thing against the Steelers early on, falling behind 17-0. They rallied only to fall short. They just aren’t able to get a good 60-minute effort, and they now stand 1-5 with a five-game losing streak.