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Jaguars Vs. Steelers: Jaguars Offense Still Ugly

The Jacksonville Jaguars got down to a quick 17-0 deficit to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the game looked like a game where you could get some yardwork done around 2:30. The Jaguars defense however buckled down and shut the Steelers offense out, not allowing a point from the 10:58 mark in the second quarter. The Jaguars offense began to grind and grind, finally getting on the board with a 46-yard field goal in the second quarter.

After halftime, the Jaguars finally punched the ball into the endzone to cap off a 17-play 80 yard drive. That scoring drive was the epitome of what the Jaguars offense has been in the 2011 NFL season, laborious. It was a drive aided by a roughing the punter penalty that slowly plodded down the football field, capped off by an 18-yard touchdown pass from rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert to wide receiver Jason Hill. Gabbert on the play held the ball waiting for Hill to come open and took a shot as he delivered the ball in the endzone for the score.

The Jaguars offense is still ugly to watch, and like that 17-play touchdown drive it's even ugly to watch when they score. The Jaguars had just 209 total yards of offense yesterday, which is abysmal. The problem is, there's not much they can do to fix it.