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Jaguars FB Greg Jones Shows Some Fight

The Jacksonville Jaguars were bad on offense yesterday, but that doesn't mean they weren't trying. On a play after a roughing the punter penalty, Jaguars fullback Greg Jones blocked Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lamar Woodley, who apparently didn't like it. The two then engaged in a wrestling match that saw Greg Jones put Woodley on the ground. I don't know how it started, but I know how it ended. I say this everytime this happens... why would you mess with Greg Jones?!

"I don't know why people messing with Greg," Maurice Jones-Drew told the Florida Times-Union after the game. "I don't understand it, but as long as they keep messing with him, hey, he's going to do his part. He's been a dominating blocker. Obviously he was a little upset. But those guys were competing all day too. It gets a little chippy out there. One guy might win one, one guy might win another, then obviously I don't know who won that one [blocking battle], but when they starting fighting, I knew who won because I was right there with a front-row seat. It was good to see that we won something today."