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Jaguars Receiving Corps Has To Get Better

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are the worst passing team in the NFL. They're second to last in the NFL in points per game. Outside of the running game with Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jaguars offense is... well, awful. Rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert threw for just 109 yards on 29 attempts. I can't jump on Gabbert yet, as it's just the fourth game of his young career. He has missed on some throws, but when he's on and making good throws the receivers seem to either drop the ball or stop on the route. I don't get it.

Mike Thomas, who just recently signed an extension, once again dropped a pass he should have caught and let up on a route where Gabbert led him, causing the football to fall incomplete. Often stone handed Jason Hill made a nice catch in the endzone for a touchdown, but was essentially invisible after that. Pro-Bowl tight end Marcedes Lewis is quite frankly playing awful and can't seem to hang on to the football. A few of his "drops" were thrown behind him, but he's a player who should haul in some of those passes.

Gabbert has to get better on some of his throws and footwork that makes some passes sail, but he's not getting any help from his receiving targets and it's exceedingly frustrating. It's unlikely the Jaguars make a move for a receiver at the trade deadline, so there's not much that can be done right now. One thing is for sure however, this front office either ignored the wide receiver position or mis-evaluated their receivers and it's killing this offense.