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Rams release WR Mike Sims-Walker, should the Jaguars bring him back?

It appears the Rams are set to release WR Mike Sims-Walker after an extremely disappointing stint with the Rams. In five games with St. Louis, MSW had a game in which he dropped four balls before halftime and was even ruled inactive in week six despite being completely healthy.

The Rams are now looking to newly acquired Brandon Lloyd, who they reportedly traded for this morning, to give Sam Bradford the threat they thought Sims-Walker could be. Meanwhile, MSW is without work less than three months after signing a one year, $3.7 million contract.

There was plenty of speculation as to why the Jaguars chose not to re-sign Sims-Walker who accumulated 14 touchdowns and 1431 yards receiving in 2009 and 2010 combined. Many felt as though it was due to the money he would demand on a new contract, while others felt the team just decided to move in a different direction.

Now the Jaguars should be looking for any direction except the one they're currently going at receiver. Their receiving corps struggle to get open and have been a weak spot, if not the weakest spot, on the roster. The opportunity to upgrade the position is something Gene Smith almost surely has to be on the lookout for and the possibility of bringing back a player that has had success in Jacksonville in the past could be the right move.

A similar move was made in 2009 when the Jaguars re-signed Ernest WIlford after he was released by the Dolphins, following a disappointing and short stint.

Re-signing Sims-Walker would be a cheap move that would allow a player that is familiar with the way things work in Jacksonville to provide a patch for a team that desperately needs to inject some life into its offense.